CRL Energy provides comprehensive analyses of coal and biofuels. We service the local coal provider requiring a moisture/ash test, through to an exporter requiring certification of a ship.



CRL Energy can conduct Acid Base Accounting via static tests, Net Acid Generation (NAG), and Acid Neutralising Capacity (ANC), as well as the longer term kinetic leaching columns. In addition, we have geologists who can interprete the data and prepare remediation plans

We specialise in the X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction analysis of a wide range of inorganic and organic materials such as rocks and soils, plant and animal tissue, metal alloys, industrial wastes, oils, plastics and polymers.



Coal preparation is the processing of coal to improve the quality for the end user.

CRL Energy provides a comprehensive range of testing

CRL Energy offers R70 tesing for spontaneous combustion. Through our joint venture partner CB3 Mine services we can also offer SponComSIM, SponComGAS and SponComBULK testing

CRL Energy has an Agilent 3000A micro gas chromatograph for use in gas analysis

CRL Energy operates a Fuels Laboratory on the Gracefield Science Campus in Lower Hutt. CRL Energy has the capability to test a wide range of biomass

CRL Energy’s main water testing facility is in Greymouth. It is IANZ accredited for Chemistry and Microbiology, and approved by the Ministry of Health. The Lower Hutt, Hamilton and Christchurch facilities concentrate on the collection of samples and their analysis by field instrumentation

CRL Energy operates an aggregate testing facility at it's Christchurch laboratory. It is currently able to conduct sizing, broken faces, sand equivalent and moisture testing. 

CRL Energy’s IANZ acceditied Asbestos testing facility is in Christchurch. We operate with mutliple sampling companies and allow for customers to send in their own samples

CRL Energy now has a magnetic separation pilot plant. The pilot plant is suitable for raw / tails / middling iron sand separation, grinding liberation trials, dense media evaluation, marketing and bulk testing samples.

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