Trevor Dine
Laboratory Manager
(04) 5703700
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Magnetic Separation Pilot Plant

CRL Energy now has a magnetic separation pilot plant. The pilot plant is suitable for raw / tails / middling iron sand separation, grinding liberation trials, dense media evaluation, marketing and bulk testing samples.


Our plant includes:

•    2 x Low intensity Magnetic Separators (LIMS) 1100 Gauss, 950 Gauss.
•    Medium Intensity Magnetic Separator (MIMS) 3500 Gauss.
•    Kason Sieve 800mm, Mogensen bulk screen, 200mm sieves down to 20µm.
•    Conveyors, augers, vibrating feeders.
•    Walk in Oven (250°C).
•    3 x 500L, 2 x 1200L mixing tanks / sumps.
•    3 x 25 mm peristaltic slurry pumps, submersible pumps and hosing.
•    500L ceramic lined ball mill (350kg of 30mm + 50mm alumina grinding media), bench scale rod mill, ring mills.
•    Davis tube, 3 tonne scales, magnetic wands, metallurgical microscope, dense media separations (LST).
•    Gauss meters, magnetic susceptibility meter, XRF lab on site, preparation equipment.

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