Pounamu research

August 2017

CRL Energy is collaborating with Ngai Tahu to improve efficiency, value extraction, and traceability in the Pounamu industry. >> Read more

Synthetic gases, carbon costs and NZ’s core industries

04 July 2016

CRL Energy has renewed its contract with the Ministry for the Environment to provide synthetic greenhouse gas accounting. >> Read more

Bellvue coal mine remediation

30 October 2015

A team involving CRL Energy scientists is continuing with passive treatment trials, terrestrial vegetation assessment and freshwater ecological sampling in the Cannel Creek catchment near Greymouth. >> Read more



Stockton waste-dump performance

30 May 2015

In May 2015, a team of geochemists from CRL Energy installed a series of oxygen probes into two waste rock dumps at the Stockton Coal Mine. >> Read more



CRL Energy and CB3 Mining Services now reaching international markets

10 April 2015

Staff from CRL Energy and CB3 Mining Services have co-authored presentations at the 24th International Mining Congress and Exhibition of Turkey later this month.

The acceptance of the two papers at the international conference in Antalya from 14 to 17 April follows recent work in Turkey by CRL Energy and CB3 Mining Services. >> Read more



Identifying asbestos in building materials now made easy

22 September 2014

CRL Energy now offers an available-to-all IANZ-accredited rapid service to analyse building materials for asbestos. >> Read more



CRL Energy scoops national environmental award

13 August 2014

A CRL Energy-led research programme successfully took out the big prize at the 2014 Minerals West Coast Environment Awards, announced at the Minerals West Coast’s annual conference in Greymouth in late July. > > Read More



Evaluating spontaneous combustion risk

12 July 2013

At two recent conferences in Australia , CB3 Mine Services’ Technical Director Dr Basil Beamish outlined the methods used to assess spontaneous combustion risk at different parts of a coal mining operation. > > Read More



CRL Energy Chair receives Austmine Lifetime Membership Award

10 June 2013

The Chairman of the CRL Energy Board, Alan Broome, was recently awarded the Austmine Life Membership Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Mining Equipment, Technology, and Services (METS) sector and for his longstanding leadership as the Chair of Austmine for the last 22 years. > > Read More



CRL Energy clean gasification project attracting international interest

23 May 2013

A CRL Energy-led proof-of-concept study looking at opportunities for integrating in-bed carbon dioxide (CO2) management into gasification has captured international interest. CRL Energy recently hosted a week-long visit by Dr Ian Barnes, an independent energy, environmental, and waste issues consultant with over thirty eight year’s experience who has worked for IEA Clean Coal Centre, Casella, EMC Environment Engineering, CRE Group Limited, and British Coal. > > Read More



Delivering Pathways earns second Gold rating from Govt

21 February 2013

CRL Energy’s Government-funded “Delivering Pathways to Mineral Wealth and Environmental Sustainability” research programme has once again earned a Gold rating from the Science + Innovation arm of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. > > Read More



Low-carbon tech gets funding

15 February 2013

A research project led by CRL Energy to develop a carbon capture technology suitable for medium-scale biomass and coal gasification projects for the production of hydrogen, chemicals, and Fischer-Tropsch (FT) biofuels has been awarded over $200,000 in funding from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Energy and Minerals Research Fund. > > Read More



CB3 Mine Services: Making mining operations safer

05 February 2013

Coal and other materials can self-heat and spontaneously combust – causing devastating mine fires and explosions. Identifying spontaneous combustion potential before mining, during transportation, and when stockpiling materials such as coal is a major concern for these industries. Now reliable help is at hand from a new company CB3 Mine Services Pty Ltd recently established with laboratories in Brisbane, Australia and Wellington, New Zealand. > > Read More



Successful removal of antimony from gold mine water discharge

08 January 2013

Recently, CRL Energy announced the results of a long-term experiment demonstrating the first successful removal of antimony from gold mine water discharge using AMD precipitates and sulphate-reducing bioreactors. > > Read More



New mine hazards research programme

04 December 2012

CRL Energy has recently won a contract with TechNZ that, combined with investment from the Coal Association of New Zealand, will provide a two-year work programme targeting technical and capability issues facing the New Zealand mining industry. > > Read More



Impregnating low-rank coal with bio-oil

12 October 2012

Recent research at CRL Energy explored the impregnation of low-rank coal with biomass-based, pyrolysis-derived bio-oil. The aim is to improve energy content, and reduce greenhouse gas and sulfur emissions, while retaining the convenience and boiler performance of current fuels. > > Read More



Postgraduate coal and geochemistry courses available

16 August 2012

The Coal Association of New Zealand provides financial support for James Pope and Dave Trumm from CRL Energy to run fourth-year coal and geochemistry courses for the Universities of Otago and Canterbury every year. > > Read More



CRL Energy rolls out Davis Tube Tester for ironsand industry

06 July 2012

CRL Energy’s Gracefield Laboratory now has an EDT Davis Tube Tester to add to the services on offer to the minerals industry. This instrument is used to determine the ferro-magnetic and non-magnetic fractions of small samples of ironsands, crushed magnetic iron ore, magnetite, pyrrhotite, etc. > > Read More



New Lyttleton Port laboratory now open

26 June 2012

CRL Energy has built, commissioned, and now operates a coal quality laboratory at Lyttleton Port. This new laboratory provides rapid turnaround of quality analysis for export coal and certification. > > Read More



Sampling the sea floor’s phosphate

28 May 2012

CRL Energy is aiding Chatham Rock Phosphate in their quest to mine rock phosphate some 400 metres beneath the sea on the Chatham Rise. The research company is processing in excess of 40 grab samples some weighing 1,000kg or more, which Chatham Rock Phosphate harvested on a voyage earlier this year.> > Read More



CRL Energy partnership awarded six-year environmental monitoring contract

10 January 2012

CRL Energy Ltd in partnership with Ecotech (an Australian-owned company with over 35 years experience in providing the world with environmental monitoring instruments and services) has been awarded a six year environmental monitoring contract for the Waterview Connection project in Auckland.> > Read More




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