CRL Energy offers a wide ranging set of environmental services. We specialise in the assessment of soil and groundwater quality at diverse locations and sources around New Zealand.  Our staff have extensive experience with the management of potentially contaminated sites including those related to timber treatment, landfills, horticulture, sheep dips, petroleum or chemical storage/handling.

Our services include:

-    Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI) – A site history report which identifies contamination sources and past and present activities.  

-    Detailed Site Investigations (DSI) – Sampling and analysis from soil, water air or dust to identify the extent and concentration of contaminants.

-    Contaminants including but not limited to: Metals, PAHs, Pesticides, Herbicides, Timber Treatment Chemicals, Landfill related     leachates, Asbestos

-    Remediation

-    Groundwater quality assessment

-    Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE’s)

-    Resource consent applications

Water and soil sampling

Andy Englefield
Environmental Scientist
(03) 3412120


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