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Workplace exposure monitoring

The aim of workplace monitoring is to identify and assess the source of hazards for implementation of suitable control measures. The Health and  Safety at Work Act 2015 requires employers to provide a safe work environment for employee safety and health.

CRL Energy is able to measure and determine a range of potentially harmful workplace hazards including:


  • Dust and Fumes - Inhalable dust, respirable dust, crystalline silica dust,  welding fumes (metal fumes), coal dust and wood dust.

  • Chemical Vapours - VOC’s, formaldehyde, isocyanates, acidic and    alkaline vapours.

  • Toxic gases - O2, CO2, NO2, CO and a wide range of others.

  • Noise

We understand that no two workplaces are the same. At CRL we provide a service specifically tailored to your workplace and its hazards. These additional services include:

  • Asbestos - IANZ accredited asbestos laboratory providing asbestos  detection in all types of building materials with sampling also provided.

  • Methamphetamine - Sampling analysis and reporting analysis of  methamphetamine to NIOSH standards.

Testing can be completed at fixed locations or personal sampling devices can be attached to employees during the course of their shift. If you have any other requirements that are not covered here then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss these with you.


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South Island
Emissions Manager
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Upper North Island
Air Quality Analyst
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Lower North Island
Technology Manager
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